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Emerald Sequoia LLC will be shutting down at the end of 2023. Please see our blog post here.

Thanks for all of your support over the past 15 years!

Emerald Timestamp Support


My Custom Names are missing!
This is a known issue with version 2.0.4 on devices running iOS 4 and later, and is fixed in version 2.0.6, which was released to the App Store on October 5th. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Support for the larger iPhone 5 display went away! It's running with letterboxing like older apps, unlike version 2.0.4!
Fixing the problem with Custom Names required resubmitting the app to the App Store, but in the meantime Apple changed the rules about how apps can be built and accepted in the store: Apps can either support the new iPhone 5 display or they can support older devices like the original iPhone, but no longer can they do both. Since we felt that version 2.0.4 was broken enough that we wanted to give original device owners the chance to get a resolution without buying a whole new device, we submitted 2.0.6 without support for the larger display. Timestamp version 2.0.7, which again supports the iPhone 5 but which does not support older devices, was submitted to Apple on October 20 and was released to the App Store by Apple on October 29. We apologize for this inconvenience but our options for responding to this situation were limited.

Sometimes my device locks even though "Disable auto-lock" is set for that configuration.
This is a known issue with the mechanism used by Emerald Timestamp to disable auto locking; sometimes the device fails to honor the request. We have strong evidence that this is an Apple OS problem and have submitted a bug report to Apple.

Will it work on an iPhone™ or iPod® touch or iPad™?
Yes. Emerald Timestamp is a "universal" app. Buy it once and it will run on all your iPhone OS devices, at full resolution.

Will it work on a Mac or a PC or any other smart phone?

Will Emerald Timestamp work without an Internet connection?
Yes. But the accuracy of the times cannot be guaranteed.

When the button goes from yellow to green sometimes the time values change.
The time of the event didn't change. What changed is Emerald Timestamps's clock against which the event times are measured. The new time is more accurate.

What's does JD mean?
"Julian Date". It's for astronomers.


We work hard to make Emerald Timestamp as close to perfect as we can. But we're realists. And we're here to help. So if you have a problem just send mail to
Please read the documentation and check the FAQs first. Make sure you have the latest version (see the Release Notes); it's displayed on the Help screen. We try to respond quickly but we're only a two-person company so occasional delays are inevitable.


We would also very much appreciate any comments you may have about how we can improve the Emerald products in the future. We would love to hear your ideas. Use the email address above.

Release Notes

Click here to see the release notes.

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